Let’s Talk About It: New Age Discipline

New age discipline. I hate it. The thought of my parents cutting my hair into some type of contraption to teach me some type of lesson is stupid to me. What happened to take away a child’s valued possessions such as their games, phones and etc?

As a former member of public schools, I know a kid coming to school with one of these cuts would be roasted for a very long time. Roasting is seen as bullying. So my question is what happens when your kid is bullied all throughout the school year? And the next year after that because kids don’t forget. On top of this what about the bullies online since you decided to post the video online? Also, taking pictures and posting it as if it’s some type of accomplishment will not raise someone’s grades.

I feel like disciplinary actions are not the best way. If I was having bad grades on some assignments I would want more help. Obviously, I’m not getting the lessons being taught. A wild haircut or timeout is not going to make my grades higher.

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Writing Prompt #22

Writing Prompt #22:

So I just watched the movie Jumanji and yes I’m so late. But the story behind it had me thinking. If you could enter any game which one would it be and why?

So as a gamer I would go into one of the more mature games like grand theft auto 5. I can literally do anything on there and still come back again and again. Plus GTA is an exact replica of life right now so I know what I’m getting into. No real change like Jumanji where your getting chased by big animals. Although I’ll have to deal with gangs and people trying to kill me. Also even if I was killed I still could come back to life. Imagine life if you had unlimited life’s.

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Best Brand

My favorite clothing brand would have to be Parish Nation. As someone that’s into streetwear or the latest, they seem to be the clothes I fall for. They don’t have a set website that you can shop from.

I tend to find a lot of their products in retail stores. Like Burlington or K&G. Stores like that carry multiple brands and they tend to be there. As well as drjays tend to carry them. They are one of the only brands that really connects to me and in my size.

I actually wear them a lot now that I think about it. Some of my favorite pictures, I have taken like the ones I’m putting at the bottom of this blog. If you would like to see more subscribe to my mailing list. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum View my previous post until tomorrow

Parish Nation Jeans

Parish Nation Jeans and Jacket

Best Advice

All advice is not good advice for starters. So with that being said, take this how you like. The best advice I received was from my momma. I believe doing a hard time of depression. If I remember correctly it went something like this.

“You have to do it yourself. Nobody in this world is going to do everything for you. If you want to achieve something then you have to do it yourself.”

Yeah, that hit hard a little. I wouldn’t say I had it made all my life but I was a little spoiled. So right now it’s about getting out that habit and doing it myself. Working hard for what I want.

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