Never Change Single


I had to lose it all to realize I can’t live without it. That’s when I knew this dream was worth chasing. Those lines mean so much. To some, my struggles with recreating my dream album are nothing but to me it feels like everything was gone. For the last year in a half, I wrote an album that I couldn’t release because of legal troubles. So that moment took me down hard. Just not being able to release what felt like my best work that I ever wrote, hurt my heart. For a couple of months, I started to feel like why am I alive? That’s when I realized that I couldn’t live without this gift. This Poetic Gift.
Never Change, highlight why I would never stop chasing this dream. Through depression, through the doubts, I will never change. The single is listed below. This Single is also on Soundcloud, Spinrilla, Itunes, Tidal, and Spotify. You can also hear this below.” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Spinrilla

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