Weekly Thoughts #5

For starters, I can’t believe it’s already week 5. This blogging thing was just an experiment but its getting kind of fun. Some days when I just don’t know what to blog about is when it gets tough. Those days just turn into research days. I read a bunch of different blogs just to try and get advice on what to blog about when you’re having a dry spell.

Secondly, I finally wrote another story. It has been at least 2 years since I have written one. To think I used to only write stories. Now it feels like I completely abandoned the idea. I hope you are enjoying The Story Of Charles Levi. I believe I mentioned in this blog Inspirations, that the story idea came from a prompt. I guess I say that to let other writers know that sometimes a prompt can break your writer’s block. Or even spark another idea.

Speaking of the story. It’s only part one of the story collection. I decided to break it up in parts to save readers from reading a long story in one post and also it gives a little bit of a break. To let you think about what’s coming next. Sort of like an episode of Power or something of that nature. Also from what I have learned from other blog is that its good to have a post scheduled down the line. That’s just another reason for why it’s in parts from a blogger standpoint.

Surprisingly I don’t have nothing to dwell on this week. It’s been pretty much good. I listened to all the pieces I recorded this year and got a clear grasp of what I want to be recorded on both projects. I will say I can’t wait till I’m finished with both so I can celebrate with drinks on my 21st birthday. Birthday in 3 months and I’m counting down the days. 

As far as my weight. It seems like that’s always the topic of discussion in this series. But I believe I said last week that I went back up after being 3 pounds away from the weight goal. By the way, the goal is 421 and I had gone back up from being 424 to 429. Not that much but it still hurt my pride because I was so happy.  So I worked for the change that I wanted. Now I’m back at 424. Hoping and working to get down to the weight goal by my next appointment. Wish me luck in the comments and follow me on Instagram @k.exum, as I try to achieve the goal. That’s it for this weeks, Weekly Thoughts. See you next week.

Author: K. Exum
K. Exum is an up and coming author & poet. He looks to make his longtime childhood dream job his reality. By creating this blog, he seems to show his skills for writing. His hunger for success and dedication to turn his ordinary life into his dreams has brought him to this point. K is currently working on his 5th spoken word project, "Poetic Gift." Reach out by this email to connect! founderofhitm@gmail.com

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