Weekly Thoughts #6

It’s week 6 already. It’s unbelievable, for me to have stayed this consistent with the Weekly Thoughts series as well as the whole blogging thing. I have been loving it so far. Just because it keeps me focused on the upcoming week. When I set these mini goals for myself that keep me focused on putting out the results in the following week. 

Speaking of results, I finally finished my ep. I put the final touches on it yesterday. I can’t wait to release it. I really didn’t expect for me to take this long. I guess it’s a mixture of me trying to make it the closest thing to perfection and picking the right poems to go on the project. I hope someone loves it as much as I do whenever I finally put it out. This project is a little more personal than the others but I tried to include a message in it as well. I always try to involve a message but sometimes it’s not heard as clear as I wanted it to. I heard that a lot from some of my closest friends and family. So I made sure to switch it up a bit.

Now I finally get to say I completed my weight goal. I have been chasing this goal for two years and I am so excited to say I did it. I freaking did it. The weight goal has been beaten. Obesity is one of those things you never want to be. Although I’m still big I can finally say I reached the weight goal. I got that confidence boost that I needed. Words really can’t describe this moment right now. I’m just so happy I finally buckled down and did it. Too many times where I ate the wrong meals just for a brief satisfaction not knowing if I didn’t eat that meal that I would have a long-term satisfaction. Just some things I observed while trying to lose the weight. I can finally say I’m inches away from having my operation.

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