October Goals

  1. Take PHOTOS. Take pictures of myself for my model dreams. It’s an inner fulfillment, for me to take photos. I said this last month and never completed it.
  2. Meet the surgeon. Now this one is out of my hands. With the whole surgery process, it’s kind of out my hands. But I can still dream a little.
  3. Come up with a real concept of a visual poem. Maybe something from this project to kind of advertise it a bit. Just something to think about. 
  4. Create more videos of me speaking different poems. I feel like videos connect more with the modern day audience so I want to fit in a little.
  5. I want to drop another 5 pounds. Currently at 420 and I want to drop some more weight. I got the goal weight but I still want more.
Author: K. Exum
K. Exum is an up and coming author & poet. He looks to make his longtime childhood dream job his reality. By creating this blog, he seems to show his skills for writing. His hunger for success and dedication to turn his ordinary life into his dreams has brought him to this point. K is currently working on his 5th spoken word project, "Poetic Gift." Reach out by this email to connect! founderofhitm@gmail.com

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