Weekly Thoughts #17

This week was cool. Thanksgiving happened. I tried to limit myself to one plate and one dessert. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I said I wanted to keep my exercise schedule rolling. Yeah, that barely happened. I worked out 2 days before Thursday. Then another time on Friday but not really much. I usually go every day out the week so I failed.

As far as creating, I didn’t do much. I recorded a piece of a bigger piece. Trying to finish out a series that I have yet to release. I believe I’m releasing the whole series on my next project. Should be fun. It’s a story about suicide and how it affects the people around you. It’s a lot going on it but I don’t want to spoil it.

Blogging didn’t go that well this week I believe. I didn’t put out much content and the numbers definitely showed it. It’s hard trying to do work on holidays. No excuses I’m back to it this week.

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