3 Things I Want To Write

3 Things I want to write: I just made this up but I have ideas written. But here are some. This might be crazy to give it away but I’m full of surprises.

  1. Horror Novel: I believe that’s the correct term for it. But I want to create a book about a serial killer or something. I’m not all the way there with what I want the main character to be. I want to make the killer the main character and it’s really about him and his past. I often see or read about like the hero coming to save the day but in mines, he doesn’t. He becomes a victim.
  2. Suicide Poem: I have came at suicide at different times. Whether I talk about me walking into that light or trying to prevent it. This one would be different a little. I want to put myself in the chair of the character that’s about to commit suicide.
  3. Weight Book: this one I just started to have Thoughts on. A book about me and my weight gain and where it stemmed from. Trying to better understand me and being self-aware of my circumstances. Still thinking about it. I think I need to really get to my personal goal before this book could happen.

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