Let’s Talk About It: Old Tweets

So this is really about Kevin Hart’s recently problem. Where he apologized and stepped down from his longtime dream of hosting the Oscars. Over some old tweets posted in 2009.

In my opinion, I don’t think he should have stepped down. Especially for something he posted 9 years ago. No one’s perfect so why do we expect someone to always be perfect? I’m pretty sure if I had a Twitter back then that I didn’t say some pleasant things either. Some things that no one could agree with.

Now if he made that type of joke yesterday, then yes he should be criticized. But 9 years ago. It’s sad that he’s not the first person to be penalized for a post they made long ago. I get that it’s offensive to some but I want to know one person that said something in 2009 and they still stand by what they said.

Times change. Life goes on. We become self-aware as the years go by. We look at things and people differently as the days go on. We simply evolved in our careers and as humans. Being criticized or even bullied for something spoke of long ago is just wrong in my opinion. There’s no such thing as perfection, we make mistakes and we learn from it. That’s what life is. No one should be punished for something they posted years ago.

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