Mood Lifters

When I’m in my feelings these are the things I do to lift my spirits. I’ll love to read what you do in the comments below. Like, comment and follow this blog for more posts from me.

1. Music: Listening to music most times lift my spirits. I mostly try and listen to upbeat type of music.

2. Sleep: A nap will definitely change my mood. Sometimes we need to power down for a few hours to readjust the situations we’re dealing with.

3. Writing: Mainly when I’m sad I like to write. It lifts me up and also allows me to vent through the words on the paper.

4. Workout: this still kind of deals with the first one, but sometimes I like to just work out my problems in the gym. Just put on my headphones and drown out the world while clanging and banging.

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K. Exum

K. Exum is an up and coming author & poet. He looks to make his longtime childhood dream job his reality. By creating this blog, he seems to show his skills for writing. His hunger for success and dedication to turn his ordinary life into his dreams has brought him to this point. K is currently working on his 5th spoken word project, "Poetic Gift." Reach out by this email to connect!

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