Weekly Thoughts #19

I’m kind of falling out of love with this series of blogs. It’s just trying to figure out what to say after 7 days. Blogging has been good. Trying to maintain blogging every day as well as adding another blog for the day. Right now I think I really like making blogs about modern day news. Those are becoming my favorite. As well as writing prompts. Creating a daily prompt would be amazing.

It’s crazy thinking 2018 is coming to an end. This year is and was very bumpy. Lost a lot of weight then gained most of it back. Lost it again then was disappointed by the doctor’s challenges. Created a great album. Deleted the album because of the beats. Quit writing for 2 months. Created a new project. Just bumpy like a teenage boy face.

Life is a roller coaster filled with nothing but twists, turns and ups and down. You ride it while wearing a blindfold. I honestly was on cloud nine two months ago. Now it feels like it will never get done. 2 years and counting I guess. When will I get my chance to Rise? Living is becoming the thing I despise.

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