Cage (Poem)

Let me out the cage

I’m stuck backstage

I thought about going on a rampage

But how can I manage

I can do some serious damage

My emotions are bottled up in a package

Never to be opened

My life ain’t golden

A lot of time was stolen

I feel like I’m molding instead of growing

But never showing emotions

Felt like I was apart of prostitution

Or maybe a contribution

The distribution was bad

Still stuck in a institution

Enough of the rhyme scheme

I started turning into something mean

Since I was a teen

I just wanted to be part of the team

It wasn’t part of the dream

I stuck with it but never loved it

I was never legit

I always have a fit

Had my mind doing flips

I always got a chip on my shoulder

Could never let it go

Always trying to bring in the dough

But this temper got to go

Had it since birth

Feel like I’m cursed

I just want to burst

I remember that time I was knocking

Yall was blocking

It was so shocking

Everyday the memory is mocking me

They say your fam is always there

But that day they didn’t care

Always bring a tear

So now you want to apologize

I don’t even want it

I’m on my own

My life was postponed for your own thing

Now let it sting

Disclaimer: Some background information on this piece is this was my second ever poem I wrote. Hope you like, and comment your thoughts below. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on all social media platforms. Follow my Blog IG @Piecesofkblog

Author: K. Exum
K. Exum is an up and coming author & poet. He looks to make his longtime childhood dream job his reality. By creating this blog, he seems to show his skills for writing. His hunger for success and dedication to turn his ordinary life into his dreams has brought him to this point. K is currently working on his 5th spoken word project, "Poetic Gift." Reach out by this email to connect!

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