July Results

July Results: This month has come to an end and now it’s time I look back at my goals. To see if I accomplished all the goals I set for this month. Hopefully I completed most of them. 

1. Drop a Song: I didn’t still. I plan on releasing a poem on the 2nd of this month. It’s a piece I posted on here that I wanted to record.

2. Get to 350: I’m currently at 351… So in math you would round down so I’ll say I’m there.

3. Double Upload at least 10 days out the month: I completed this surprisingly. I look to a day I can do 3 posts a day.

4. Create a YouTube video: No my confidence to sit in front of a camera hasn’t arrived yet. One day.

5. Take more photos for Model Dreams: Yes I completed This Link Here. Model Dreams #35 Model Dreams #34


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