3 Things I Never Want To Happen

3 Things I never want to happen

Just doing some deep thinking. It’s good for the mind. Of course, I can’t control what just seems to happen but I can write about it. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on IG @K.Exum & Enjoy this post.

1. Go to jail: I never want to experience jail I don’t care how bad things get. Let bygones be bygones that life doesn’t look worth it.

2. Get racially profiled during a traffic stop: I have been pulled over and It’s not like running into the boogyman. Without going too deep, some cops just want blood. Others want to protect. But evil isn’t written on their foreheads. That’s all I got to say about that.

3. Get killed: Weird but I want to go peaceful. I don’t want to have a human killer. But we can’t pick how we go out but if I could it would be in my sleep.

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