I Want (Poem)

I Want:

One day I want someone to walk up to me and say because of you I didn’t quit
People of all ages to look up to me
Understand I put my passion and pain into this
This is more than just words to me
I don’t do this just so I can eat

I don’t just do this to put other artists on their knees
When they bow to me
I just want people to see what I see
Listen to the word’s that are coming through my teeth
Show the fam that I’m more than a body laced in a pair of cleats
Never been in the streets
So you’ll never hear me talk about being street

I want to inspire generations
You can have all the fancy whips
The same 10 famous chicks
You can have the big cribs
I just want my message to hit
I just want the glory

I want you to hear my story
I want to live past forty
The ratio of a young male living past twenty is insane
The number grows each date it’s hard to stay sane
I just keep my head down and my eyes in the game
I write my wrongs and my pain
To inspire others

I want my Spoken Word to be top of the charts
I want people to truly love my art
I want to be legendary like Mozart
80 years from now I want you still to be listening to Me
When kids check their history books they see me

I just want to be the voice of the people
When I die if I’m only known as a good writer
Then my body should be lit on fire
I need to be way higher
I want to be legendary

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