6 Months Post Op Gastric Sleeve. Pros, Cons & Conclusion


1. I have lost 92 pounds since my operation. It honestly feels amazing. I have no complaints about it. Weight loss is something o ale wanted for various reasons.

2. I can’t fit anything in my closet. I mean that in a good way. Nothing. Even boxers are loose. Too much information? Maybe. But to go from a 6x pants to a 3x pants feels great. I went from a 5x shirt to a 3x shirt. Even my shoes feel loser.

3. Overall it’s great. I believe the first time I did a post like this was in July when I posted this 8 Week Post Op Pros, Cons & Conclusion. I mentioned in one of the cons that I suffered from vomiting. Not anymore. After a couple of months, you get used to how you’re supposed to eat. When you feel full stop or you will regret it.

4. Also, I mentioned last time about all the liquids being an issue. Now not so much. I just got used to drinking a lot. So now it’s not a problem.

5. After 6 months my diet has changed again. But this time for the best. Your diet or should I say menu changes as you go along. At first, all you can have is liquids. Such as protein drinks, water, Powerade Zero, and sugar-free popsicles. For 3 weeks post-op. Then you can start eating cheese, eggs, seafood. Then you could start eating poultry. Turkey and chicken. Of course, all of these things can’t be fried or breaded. Somewhere in between vegetables are added. Then you can eat fruit but that counts as carbs so you got to watch out for that. That was a lot. Now my menu got much longer with the addition of red meats & STARCH. My love for starch is unmatched. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I made my first bowl of oatmeal after 6 months without it.


1. I honestly can’t think of a con. I’ve tried to think of something bad but nothing’s coming to me.

Conclusion :

Last time I didn’t feel accomplished. I do now. Some will hear about having surgery and think that was just a short cut. If that was a short cut, then it needs to be redesigned. I been in the program for 3 years. Doctors appointment after another. Tests on tests. It was non stop & none of it mattered until you met the goal weight they provided. More on that in this post Behind The Scenes: Gastric Sleeve Operation. That unaccomplished feeling went away after I started back working out. After I had to completely readjust my lifestyle to this never ending diet. Point is I feel like I accomplished the biggest challenge in my 21 years of life.

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