You (Poem)

I wrote this for someone I was thinking about today. Its a little different from some of the pieces I usually write. So tell me what you think in the comments.


You been on my mind all day

I can’t even think straight

Thanksgiving on the way

I just hope you end up on my plate

I think this new weight got me feeling a way

Cause I’m trying shoot my shot like Kobe

All swishes no misses

I just want you to be my mrs

I might be capping or welling

But there’s no telling

Until you hit me back

So I can hit it from the, nah run it back

See I like to keep my pieces like my county


That might have been weak

But not as weak as I make your knees

When I get deep

In that forbidden fruit

I think you got me turning into a fruitarian

Or maybe I’m playing

Playing a game in hopes I win my trophy



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