Top 5 Favorite Posts Of 2019

The year is coming to an end and I’m looking back at my favorite posts this year. The ones I had the most fun creating. Until my next post, follow me on Instagram @K.Exum.

1. Behind The Scenes: 400+ Part 2. This post was part of what sparked me to finally step up to the plate. It led me to finally swinging for the fences. And spark my weight loss.

2. Behind The Scenes: Gastric Sleeve Operation. I always wanted to do posts like this. A dream come true. I felt like I just had to write this. I had fun telling my neat little tricks to finally get on the table. It’s very educational for anyone interested in the surgery. Check that out if interested.

3.Give A Taste: 2 Way Street. Just because it’s something I’m proud of writing but scared to share. Just releasing that short excerpt took some courage. I think I want to jump out there next year and release it. I’m not sure if it will sell but I want to try publishing a book again. Hopefully, it will be better this time.

4. Let’s Talk About It: Mass Shootings. A more informative and opinionated post, nonetheless. It was something I felt needed to be said.

5. Open Letter: it was a great poem that was more raw and directed at a certain individual. I wanted to just tell them how I feel indirectly.

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