2020 Blog Goals

2020 Blog Goals: This is another New Year of blogging. Thank god I’m still here and ready for the new year. I will start with another goal list for blogging. A good game plan is key to any new journey. I’m rambling a bit but like, comment and follow this blog if you enjoy the post below. Bye now.


  1. Get to 300 Followers: I been at it for a while. I have grown a lot and I’m proud of it. So I just want to continue to grow. 300 may be a bit high. I’m currently at 150. I have gotten that over the past year and a half. So maybe I’ll get it this year.
  2. Execute on Every Idea: I have a lot of ideas written that I often push to the side. I want to challenge myself and complete all of them. Be creative and free with me and this blog.
  3. Be More Creative: To be honest I hate the blogs that take me a couple of minutes to do. I like the ones that take longer to create. All I wanted as a kid was an audience. Now that I have one I want to get more creative with each post.
  4. Don’t miss more than a day of blogging: I hate missing days. I am aiming to blog for 365 days. But more importantly, I want quality over quantity. 
  5. Make a Profit: I don’t blog for money but I do want to make a profit off my writing. It’s a big goal of mines. I want that real blogging life of blogging from home. Blogging on the road and all that.

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