I Quit DoorDash After 1 Week

Story time: I quit DoorDash after 1 week

Door dash went a little bit better. I drove around I believe Bowie Maryland At the time for a short period before getting my first order. It was a chipotle order. I happened to be in the parking lot of chipotle when I got the order. So that was my quickest pickup. I believe the customer was only down the street. So a pretty quick delivery as a whole. I only made $6.82. Not bad because it took me only a good 10 minutes total.

Now the next one is where things got tricky. I end up driving to the quote on quote hot zone, sadly I don’t remember where. I believe it was Bethesda Maryland. I’m pretty sure it was. I had to pick up an order from Cheesecake Factory. So when you drive for these companies once you click to accept an order it doesn’t tell you where it’s going until you already picked up the food. So once I had the food I was directed to take it to Westminster, Maryland. For people who don’t live here that’s an hour drive from where I was. For me, I didn’t know any of this. I just started driving not knowing where Westminster MD was. I just started following the GPS. Of course, I missed the timer because it was entirely too far. The house was an hour away and I only had 30 minutes to deliver. Not possible. So the customer ended up canceling when I was maybe 10 minutes away. Blower. I only got $8.94 cents and 2 free meals from Cheesecake Factory. Sadly for me at the time I couldn’t eat that stuff, so basically I got my family dinner for the night.

Then I went back out the next day. But this time I traveled out to Annandale Virginia. I believe I left around 6 pm and didn’t get my first order to 8:30 so a lot of driving around food spots until I got the order to a Pizza spot. I only made $7.64. Tragic.

Then my final delivery working with DoorDash was to Thai Food Restaurant. The delivery was fine and all. I only made $6.00 on that order. I got a third-order surprisingly that was hell. I had to drive 30 minutes away to get an order that showed up on my map as being in a mall. I went into the mall and no restaurant was there. I had to go outside the mall where the restaurant was supposedly at and I still didn’t find it. I got that info from a security guard. I gave up and canceled the order. Then I had to find my car. Which was on the other side of the mall. I was walking for literally an hour to my car. I ended my night at only $13.00. After that day I went out maybe 3 more days and didn’t get a single order.

After that, I was done. I never got the lifestyle I been hearing from others where they make 200 a week. I hear that the more you do it the more offers you get. I don’t believe that one. It’s like how am I going to do more orders if I’m not receiving orders. I went to all the hot areas and I scheduled my times around the popular hours. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. I never got to try Uber eats. They wouldn’t accept me. I don’t know why.

That’s the end of this post. I may do the pros and cons of these little adventures for these deliveries. But who knows. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list for more blogs by me and see you soon.

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