Patuxent River At Jug Bay

The perfect shot adventures continue with a little trip to Upper Marlboro, Maryland. With a little help from Yelp, I found this location. From yelps pictures, it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as it was in person. I just have a thing for views I guess.

 The only thing about this day was the weather. It had to be at least 50 or 40 degrees this day and all my planned outfits didn’t involve a coat or jacket. I’m surprised some of these pictures didn’t come out looking bad because I was shivering.

 Out of all the pictures posted so far. I think I like model Dreams 56 the best. I did this exact pose a couple of years ago. I had took a picture when I was probably at my highest weight of 470. So I did this pose just to be able to create a side by side image.

 The picture on the right was edited by a great photographer from Germany. I purchased an edit from Fiverr. His exact link to his services is in that link. This is not an affiliate I just want to support.

 He also did this one as well as a few others. If I was in Germany I would definitely shoot with him. His art on his Instagram is amazing. Instagram

As far as clothes go. I didn’t really wear anything too special on this day. Honestly speaking I had just got these pants from Burlington Coat Factory. They are by the brand South Pole. The shirt was from Macy’s. From a far it just looks like a lion but the lion is made up of the words “one love”. I thought it was a cool looking shirt when I opened it up on Christmas. In the other pictures I had just got that sweater from Burlington as well. Of course if you couldn’t tell I had on Adidas Originals Hardcourt Hi. Just a simple fit all together I guess.

 I don’t know if I’ll shoot here again. I’m on a mission this year to take some pictures each month just because it’s fun to me. It’s my little hobby now and I just like to shoot at different locations. I’m a dmv resident so I’m looking to explore all around here and go to different places and get different shots. I prefer parks for some reason. So my next location will probably be a park.

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