Can’t Sleep (Poem)

Can’t sleep

Why do I feel pain for you?

If I never saw you in person

Why do I feel like I lost a friend even though we never met

Sometimes I wish there was no such thing as death

When I close my eyes I can just imagine those final seconds

It’s a sight I don’t want to see or experience

It’s easy to remember your greatness

But it’s hard to think about your legacy without you

Why do I feel pain for her?

If I never met the kid

I just feel so sick

Because I know that kid had a bright future ahead

A future we all take for granted

Just because it’s not up to our imaginary standards

If yesterday isn’t proof that life can change in an instance then I don’t know what to tell you

I just hope all of you can rest after this

Maybe after this, I can rest too

It’s up to the lord if he’ll let me sleep tonight

Until then I’m just up because I can’t sleep

I want to close my eyes and count sheep

But I can’t because I just wish yesterday never happened

I wish the world didn’t have this pain to experience

It’s a lot to wish for

I just hope we all can get some sleep tonight

I just hope we can start to enjoy every second we have with each other

You never know how much time you have left

Conclusion: Just up late tonight. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to write. I have been torn apart about the recent deaths in America yesterday. It’s a tragedy no one should have to go through. My prayers go out the Bryant family and all the other families affected by this situation.

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