Writer’s Block (Poem)

Have you ever had a writer’s block as big as mines
I’m sitting here trying to find an idea
That will sound good to my ears
Should I talk about my weight?
No, I already expressed my hatred for seeing those numbers on the scale
Should I not post at all, no can’t do that either then I would feel like I failed
Because I want to post quality in quantity
So I have to post something good
Should I make another poem?
Those equal the most views, maybe I’ll pull another poem out the vault and show them
No, let’s do something new
Something new that will piece the last few days of this month together like glue
What does that even mean?
I don’t know I got lost in the rhyme scheme
Uhh let’s do another photo for model Dreams
Uh, no even I’m tired of posting them
I guess I’ll just drop this poem
Sometimes it’s tough being a blogger
Trying to figure out your next post
Don’t like to miss days, I’m too scared of becoming a ghost
I keep pushing because I want to keep a strong work ethic
I want to show off my efforts
To be the best blogger I can be
I don’t know what I’m saying really
I’m just trying to get over this writer’s block


 I’m having the worst writer’s block as of right now. Trying to create some great blogs for the rest of this week and next month. But I’m struggling right now. So I made this poem to share my struggles. If you like this poem like and comment below. Follow this blog for more content by yours truly.


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