Top 5 New Artists To be On the lookout for in 2020

Top 5 New Artists To be On the lookout for in 2020

download Roddy

1. Roddy Rich: With The Box continuing to trend and his album winning the hearts of many souls I think it’s only a matter of time before he tops the charts again.


2. Lil Tjay: Is a personal favorite for me. I like his autotune rap style and I think goat has a lot of potential but I still think he needs a big hit to break through.

Rod Wave

3. Rod Wave: Dope artist. His style kind of reminds me of Nba Youngboy but with more compassion and pain. I think he’s a break out star waiting to happen.


4. Asian Da Brat: I’m calling it. I think she is going to pop out with something special this year. I like her she can spit well. I want a hit out of her.


5. DDG: One of my favorite YouTubers. I think he has the star power already. I just feel like more people need to catch on to his greatness.


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