Power Season 6 Recap

It’s been about a week since the finale aired and I thinks it’s time to talk about it. Power Season 6 Recap begins now.  Unpopular opinion I kinda liked this season. The whole going back through everyone’s day was kinda genius. It filled all the holes up until the last episode. If they didn’t fill those holes I feel like there would be even more complaints. It also set up some of the spin-offs. You got to see Tate take advantage of ghost demise and slither his way into the office. Setting up for the influence spin-off. You were able to see Tate’s family and learn about them. You saw him try his best to take out ghost by trying to get hitmen. That filled the hole of the random shooting before ghost went to the party.

Same with Tommy. You got to see him show off that anger for Ghost he been showing for the entire season turn into that brotherly love we all seemed to love. The episode dedicated to Tommy was my favorite this season. Also, I have to say when he started driving off into the sunset, I thought for sure ghost either put a bomb in his car or the mob was going to cut him off or something. I was glad he got away though. I’m more excited for Book 5 than any of the other spin-offs. Tommy was just a serious badass. He was just gullible and a bit clueless at times.

It was some episodes that I did dislike. The Paz episode especially. She just was so dumb. She kept pointing her finger at ghost too much. He was the only one on the show that loved her sister to death. She just one of the many people that I knew didn’t pull the trigger. I enjoyed the ending of her episode when she realized Tommy killed her sister and she went into his apartment and she was the only one there. Sort of like that fresh prince episode.


The whole season 6 was good in my opinion. The last 5 episodes was a little jarring because it went back through the day over and over again but it filled every hole. I honestly couldn’t see it another way. Ghost gets shot and what they do a manhunt for the next 5 episodes but who will be doing the hunt if the tenth episode showed every character walking to the building with a gun. I just couldn’t see it any other way. The rest of the season could have been the cops going episode by episode knocking on each suspect door. I think that would have been boring.

From the fan point of view, I think the Tommy episode told the ending before it happened. That moment where he aimed up to the little balcony you knew it was family that did it because Tommy wouldn’t fold to anyone like that.I had a feeling it was Tariq before the ending ever came. I don’t think Tasha could ever do it. I think she would have froze if he had got in that car. Before these episodes aired, I thought it was Quinton or Ramona because they were so mysterious to me. I always thought they served a bigger purpose. I didn’t think any of the main suspects was going to be the shooter.

I have one last question after this season. Why did ghosts have to die? Kanan was set on fire and lived through it all. Ghost got shot by a kid and died. He fell a couple of feet but that’s it. I have a feeling Tariq is going to be haunted by that moment in Book 2. I think ghost is really going to be a ghost in book 2. Like he’s going to be in Tariq head a lot. But I honestly saw this death coming from the beginning of the season or the end of last season. I don’t remember which part but I remember him telling Angela “I’ll see you when this is all over”. That’s when I knew he was going to die. I wish he didn’t though. I would love to be one of those people that say I didn’t see a coffin so I don’t believe it but I think he’s done. But I’m still wondering why their calling book 2 ghost? So maybe. Probably not.

The last thing I didn’t get was the unstoppable thing. He kept saying he was unstoppable to all the characters before he was shot. Almost like he was begging to be shot. Then in the Paz episode Ramona told Paz some people are just unstoppable. He has never been that big headed before. He barely showed emotions to anything. So my question is why? Why did he start smelling himself? I don’t get that part. It wasn’t addressed either.

That’s the end of this post. I think I forgot to mention Dre’s death was long overdue and the best one. No, actually I take that back. Spanky’s death was better. Got shot right in those coke bottle glasses of his. I think that’s the first time I saw someone hit the “If I tell you then I will have to kill you” line. Perfect. Bravo. Thank you to the writers and everyone involved with creating this masterpiece of a show. I can’t wait for all the spinoffs. I’ll be watching all of them. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the characters land in those shows.

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