Writing Prompt #58

This is going to be a weird one. I haven’t had a girlfriend since high school. So I’m up for the challenge anyway. This is the beginning of National Poetry Month and you can expect more poetry.

Writing Prompt #58: Write a poem from the perspective of your ex

When I met you, you were so sweet
Even when I was down you told jokes that made me show teeth
We use to stay on the phone all night until we fell asleep
I was your first kiss
Since then you couldn’t resist
My lips pressing up against yours
I remember our first date when you spent your last hundreds at the store
Buying me a necklace
I love that sweet side if only we could have made it last forever like that song from Keith sweat
After awhile you wasn’t the same it was like you didn’t want me for anything but sex
When I didn’t let you in
That’s when our relationship came to an end
When we went back to being friends
That’s when you started to get to know me
Maybe I can’t blame you because you were just a kid
But sometimes I think, did you ever really know me?
Did you even want me?

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