Writing Prompt #59

Writing Prompt #59: Google acrostic poems and write one. Don’t take it to seriously: 

Acrostic Poems are poems where the first letter of each line spells a word. They don’t have to rhyme but if you are skilled enough then you should try to rhyme.

I have seen these before but never knew that they were a form of poetry. This kind of poetry reminds me of that time Drake said in the song miss me, “Drake stands for  DRight And Kill Everything.” I just wanted to list that. Okay, this should be fun. I’ll try my best,


Poetry that rhymes soothe my soul 

Other poems that don’t rhyme annoys my soul

Every time I write a poem I have to rhyme

To ease my depression I write to release my mind

Reading poetry helps me learn new things

You should try to write poetry if you are going through something 


What you think? Was that good? Let’s try another 


My month is starting out pretty good

One day at a time I look to move closer to my goals 

No one will stop me from accomplishing these goals to fill my soul

There is still so much to do

Here is where I will end this prompt


Maybe this isn’t for me. I just can’t think of anything. Signing Off Now.


I shall try again

Today is my day and I won’t be defeated

See this prompt will be completed 


Kindly misunderstood 

Energetic with his poetic flows

Xylophone is a comparison to how his flow goes

Underestimated is what he is when competition comes

Magnificent is what he simply is 


I think that was the one. I couldn’t think of any words that start with X. Who uses the words that start with X? Acrostic poems we may never see each other again. That was hard as hell but give this a try in the comments or on your blog. Leave a link and I’ll check it out.

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