10 Things To Do While Quarantined

10 Things To Do While Quarantined

  1. Complete Everything on Your To-Do List: Use the time wisely and get some things done that you couldn’t get done because time wasn’t on your side.
  2. Do Some Spring Cleaning
  3. Spend time with spouse or kids.
  4. Watch A Movie
  5. Get Some Homework Done
  6. Call and check up on the family.
  7. Catch up on your favorite TV Shows
  8. Play Games
  9. Workout: The gym isn’t the only way to stay in shape. Look up some workout videos on YouTube. Even doing the minimum of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and running in place to get the blood flowing is a great way to stay in shape.
  10. Read a good book like The Story Of Charles Levi. Or any other book that you have been wanting to read.

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