Fall In Love With These Poetry Instagrams

 Fall In Love With These Poetry Instagrams

All of these pages I’m going to name do post poets work on their pages. All you have to do is add a hashtag and tag them to be featured on their page filled with thousands of poetry lovers. It may be hard to get featured seeing as though there are thousands of other poets following the same method. But just simply using the hashtags may get you views from people following the tag. Or just enjoy the poetry if you love poetry.

  1. Pack Poetry: Often post Poetry made by their followers either in a picture or video. They also have a website where poets can post full-length poems. They also promote authors and publish authors as well. Haven’t tried to get promoted so I don’t have any insight on that. Their tag is #packpoetry
  2. Bleeding Soul Poetry: They post poetry that their followers tag them in and use their hashtag. Which is #bleedingsoulpoetry
  3. Global Village Poetry: Its just like Bleeding Soul Poetry. It’s a smaller account. Seems like it’s just starting. Their tag is #gvillagepoetry & #gpoets
  4. Silver Leaf Poetry: They do the same as the others. Their tag is #silverleafpoetry
  5. The Literal Script: They showcase writing and poetry. To get featured use the tag #TheLiteralScript Or DM them.
  6. Global Poet Cult: Their featuring system is a little different. You can use their tag #globalpoetcult or donate to their community for a feature. Or purchase some of their merchandise.

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