Almost to 1,000

Weekly Thoughts 48: Almost to a 1,000

Almost to 800 already for this month. Now looking to raise the stakes to 1,000 in a month. I have been calculating heavy this month. I want to mark that 800 views off my April Goals for 2020 list so bad but how things are looking I may mark that off and then some. It all starts with you at home clicking on every post so I would like to thank you for viewing.

Is it me or is it extremely boring in the house? I tried to advise some of you with a list earlier in the week with 10 things to do while quarantined. But I’m extremely bored after doing that. I did number 10 twice and I’m still bored. I’m bout to lose my mind behind these walls. Follow me on TikTok @K.exum to watch me lose my mind.

They’re planning on reopening the United States already? Do I agree? No, because there’s no cure and bodies are still dropping left and right. If you have medical conditions what do you do? Go work for a check that’s not going matter when you’re coughing your lungs up in a hospital. Or get evicted because you didn’t pay up? I’m just talking but what do I know. It seems like a loss either way you look at it.

Weight check-up. I gained 3 pounds over a couple of months. I haven’t weighed myself since January. I’m up to 293. I keep telling myself I’m not going back but am I acting like I don’t want to go back? No. I don’t eat heavy but I know how this weight thing goes. It starts with 3 pounds then I brush it off then next time I check I’m up 10. I worked too hard to go back. The surgery was my reset. I can’t ruin everything I worked so hard for.

I went through my old stories and man I wrote some shit. Some shit. Like actual SHIT! It was a few good ones and some that I want to transform but it was some that were so amateur. But I can’t be too hard on myself I was only 8 to 12 years old when I wrote them. I think I might make some into story times because some of them were about my life and I might recreate some just for the blog. There are not really any stories that are just for the blog. The story of Charles Levi was supposed to be a blog exclusive story but I came up with the idea of publishing.

Well, that’s the end of this week’s, weekly thoughts. I hope I see more of you next week. We’re almost to 200 followers. I’m excited to even have 189 followers. Be sure to follow @Piecesofkblog on Instagram for more updates on the blog. Also my personal Instagram @K.exum. Share the blog with your friends and family. We can only grow from here. See you next time.

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