April Results 2020

April 2020 Results


April has come to an end

Some of the states are starting to open

As the numbers continue to rise

But what can you do you can’t change their minds


Anyways I was supposed to drop some pounds

I didn’t drop any or gain any

So I’m kinda happy

Hard to work out between these four walls


I need equipment to workout this core

Since things are opening up maybe I’ll…. sit back down in this chair

Because the virus can shorten my breath


Just reached a 1,000 and I don’t want to go out yet

But I know my views will go up

Because they always support you when you’re not around to see it

I’m off topic let me ease off it


Aimed for 800 but I surpassed it

Maybe talking about writing

Should be my niche

Maybe that’ll help my sales


Got another sale

Haven’t made more then what I spent

But I’m happy that there are people reading

As long as their reading then I’m succeeding

Had one goal that I wanted to complete the most


Had the days of the month winding down

But I had to drop 2 more to reach my goal

Lastly, I had to stay safe in quarantine

I stayed home for the most part


Left once for a cut

That was a little risky

Especially since no one’s going to see me

Anyways I don’t feel symptoms so I’ll say I passed that too

This is April’s Results 2020

April Results 2020

  1. Get to 280
  2. Get 800 views ✅
  3. Post 5 poems this month ✅
  4. Make another sale for the Story Of Charles Levi ✅
  5. Stay safe in quarantine ✅


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