Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Word Creations 3

So poetry month is over but I have more lists for you all. If you haven’t already check out the previous 2 lists like these below the new list.


  1. Growth: Growth was dope. I liked the slideshow I put with it. It detailed my journey to the man I am. From looking down on myself to holding my head high. It was just fun to write and create. I really just wrote it to close out 2019 and talk about my weight loss journey.

  2. PTSD: Is definitely one of the deepest poems I ever created. This is not out yet but just by the title, you should know what I’m talking about. A lot of things were revealed in this poem that I’m excited and curious about the reactions to it. I obviously write from my pain a lot and this is just another layer of pain. I wrote this maybe 2 months ago after encountering a human who I have seen as a mirror. When I look at them and hear their struggles it reminds me of myself. In this poem, I explain that. Yeah, I’m just excited for this piece to be released. It will be an audio.
  3. Lost: I slept on this for a while. It was the intro to my project poetic gift. The wordplay was dope, the rhymes were exciting. The point of the poem I was explaining was that oftentimes I feel lost in this world. Like I’m not comfortable in my current state of mind. But in the end, I reveal that with this poetic gift I will be found. I still feel lost without my gift. It’s just apart of me.

  4. New World:My first poem. I love the flow of this poem. How it shifts from one topic to another but it’s not too detailed. The way it starts to when it starts to breakdown makes it one of my favorites.
  5. Back with you/ Back 2 You: I honestly don’t have a name for this poem. I wrote it based on writing prompt #63 which was recently posted. I heard I write about pain too much so I switched it up for this piece. I think it’s dope and 3 of my friends love it. I’m currently trying to come up with the title I want to go with and a cover idea. Once that’s done I’ll be putting it out everywhere.

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