My First Dog

Story Time: My first dog

This is definitely a blast from the past. I believe the year was around 2008 maybe 09 when my friend’s dog had puppies. I was given one for Christmas after asking for so long. He was a blue nose pit bull. He was gray with a white chest. He had tiger stripes on his fur. My parent had the idea to name him Buddy.

At a time when I was left alone a lot, he became my best friend. I had no friends, only him. I played tugga war with him when I came home from school. I even cleaned up his poop. I took him to the park and walked around with him. It was the happiest time for me when I was 11.

Then one day my happy world came crashing down. Things didn’t work out in my home in North Carolina and I had to move back to Maryland but I couldn’t bring my bestie. It hurt me to leave my only friend that I had in these tragic times but I was only a kid who had to go with the flow.

Buddy had to stay with a friend. He was taken care of I thought. I heard so many stories about him that was unbelievable. I knew the way his family was treated so I knew he was in a world where it was killed or be killed. I came back to see him one last time. He had gotten bigger over the years. I walked up to him and he jumped on me and I rubbed and played with him.

I wanted to take him home so bad. I know it was only a matter of time. In those circumstances, no one could survive that treatment. But I couldn’t and 3 years later in February, I received news that my dog died. He froze to death along with his sister and another dog. He was left outside where it got too cold and his body couldn’t take it and he perished.

Just thinking about this time makes me remember all the good memories that little guy bestowed upon me. I remember that day at the park when he was on a leash. He would sit when my parent held the leash. Everyone thought he was lazy but not me. I grabbed the leash with my little hands and he walked all throughout the park.

I remember when we went to my uncle’s house. Buddy had to sleep outside because he wasn’t allowed in the house. He didn’t sleep 1 hour outside because he howled and howled until my uncle went and brought him in the house. Then he went to sleep in the room with my uncle. I guess you can say he broke that rule.

I remember all the times after school when my parent picked me up from school and Buddy was riding shotgun. Seeing him every day made me happier than ever. I would play with him the whole ride home. He used to lay on my lap and I would pet him until he fell asleep. When he died I felt like I lost my child. I never loved someone that wasn’t human like I loved him at the time.

This is the end of this story time. I found this story I wrote when I was a kid. I just thought I’ll rewrite it as a blog. Leave your comments below this post.

Forever and always in my heart. I love you Buddy


December 2009 – February 2011

Long Live Buddy

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