Focus (Poem)

Today’s poem is a throwback poem from the year 2017. I wrote for a mixtape called “Words Of Fury”. This was probably the first time I attempted to make something inspirational. Not really something I’m used to but let me know how I did.



I don’t let this Spoken Word breathe

it’s 2017 And I’m already at your head like a fitted

Sometimes you have to have a dark soul like its tinted 

People in the hood a sore loser like Clinton 


Like moon I’m lifted

And you know my words lethal like Murtaugh and Riggs 

Every kid’s dream is to make it big

Haters keep your name in there mouth like a cig 

The world is sick


Too many looking at this world and think it’s Lit

No one wants to do anything about it they rather sit

People be quick to quit

Can’t compete with you so they go and grab the stick


They be ready to let it rip

But not ready to catch a charge

So they let their mans take the charge


This world is harsh

And the Feds don’t give a fuck they at your neck like a scarf

In this life, you can go far

You eat or you starve


Keep eating and you could be riding around with your head in the stars

You got to stay connected like wifi

You have to rise

Stay on your game like 2k

Stay at it every day 


Just focus and you can make waves

Don’t trust everyone or you will be meeting your grave

You have to be brave 

It’s K. Exum

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