Crazy (Poem)

Today’s poem was written to serve as a rant on the United States present day and history. I wrote and recorded it long ago. So some lines may be outdated. It’s throwback Thursday and I wanted to post this. Some of the thoughts behind the lines is still my true feelings. Anyways enjoy and follow for more poetry.



I been listening to all these interviews and it got me heated

And these people are so twisted

It’s getting me livid

Is our brain restricted


It seems like we addicted to changing the world but never ourselves

Why don’t we worry about being united first?

We came from slave ships to landing headfirst

We get mad when we see another race send us away in a Hearse

But when we do the killing we just put our name on a T-shirt


But 2 wrongs don’t make a right

Neither side is right

It’s time to strike

Black on black is alright

White on black is not nice


I’m tired of seeing this 

If a black man commits a crime we say it’s the system trying to keep a man down

But if the man wants to commit the crime why shouldn’t he do the time

What happen to the grind?

Working for what you want not getting time


We have it in our head that we can’t change

But the police can

Where is the stand?

Mike Brown and the rest was gun down by cops

We can’t fight the power if we are not united


We got to fight it

Stop being a hypocrite

We believe what we want and bash others

What happened to being brothers?


We are focused on the dollars

And never on the answers

Who really are the losers?

We kill our own for a piece of paper

Who really is the traitor?


We all talk about the cops bringing the heat

But what about these Negros in the streets

When are we going to break the streak

We are looking weak


They shoot up the city

Put it in a song as a trophy

Act like its all cozy

Then tell the youth not to do it

You say you dropped out of school

What you think the youth going to do?

Every black man just want to be apart of a hood

Like it’s good


Every time I leave the house I got to watch out for someone trying to take my bread

Then watch out for the cops whose trying to give me some serious led

These church go-ers got my head spinning

They always think they winning

But they always sinning


Accusing is a sin, right

So saying gays aren’t right isn’t nice, right

Churches go by this book, they use it as a guide

But what if the world lied


God didn’t even write the bible so who is right

Humans wrote the bible

So who is telling the lies

I pray for Orlando club shooting

The largest mass shooting in history 50 dead, 53 injured

I don’t mean to complete 

But what about September 28, 1868, when whites killed 300 blacks

I just had to retract


It seemed that we forget about the blacks dying in the past

But remember the whites dying in America

I just needed to prove a point

This last year got me wanting a joint

I don’t mean to disappoint


We got one of the racist people about to hit the checkpoint

From my viewpoint

I rather be sitting at gunpoint

Then to have trump as president

I no longer want to be an American resident 


I thought he got this far by accident

This man is kicking blacks out of rally’s

But still, want our vote

One last note 

I still don’t understand this


It really gets me going I just want to give it my fist

Why is the N-word so powerful

It’s like if someone says it we going back to them chains

All of a sudden we are brought much pain

I thought there was freedom of speech

If one word could make you beat up someone then you are weak


If I was white and said nigger

Then I’m all of a sudden a slave owner and your my slave

So that gives you the right to send me to my grave

As a black man if I call someone nigga


Then it’s cool 

Stay in school

Cause that sound so dumb

Why doesn’t this get dumped?

And stumped into the ground


But it’s okay if I go around town calling people crackers and honkeys

Damn why is everyone such a hypocrite

This world is so crazy


Read Crazy 2 Here:

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