Perfect Shot: Home

Home is where I sleep, eat, write, and relax. My home is located in Maryland. In an undisclosed city and neighborhood. On April 19, 2020, I had the idea to not let quarantine stop me from searching for the perfect shot.

So with the help of my cousin. I took the photos in this post. I used what was around me to create some shots. For instance this little step. I put my foot on here and took some pictures. I made sure I showed off my cool new socks from King Socks shop. Took about a month and some days to get here. But I love them. You can get a discount with my code K.87615CW


Anyways I didn’t do too many poses or pictures. Also, my outfit was pretty simple and basic. Just a fitted Luxe-t and some royal blue apparel joggers. Fun fact about these pants is their pretty old to me. I use to wear them years ago but got too big to fit them. They are a 3xl and I grew out of them to the point I was 3 sizes up. Now since my weight loss, I have been able to fit them. I kept these pants just for this moment. Where I’m able to wear them again. So this fit is basic but means a lot just for that reason. On to my shoes, they are one of my favorite shoes. They are the Knick’s Themed Nike Foamposite. Also I wore my signature chain, an earring and a watch. I made sure to put on my mask and gloves for outside purposes. Like all of you should.

As far as editing goes I didn’t use any editors from Fiverr. I used lightroom this time. Its an app for android and iPhones and computers. I always saw editors use presets or offer to use their Lightroom presets. So I found an app that allows you to save presets and use them on your photos. I used a couple of iPhone apps, 1 was called Fltr and another was Koloro. Some presets won’t look good on some pictures because of the lighting of the pic I believe. So I have maybe 25 presets that I go through to see which picture will it work best on.

I hope you liked this post. Lightroom Presets has become fun to play with. A lot of old pictures that weren’t edited I been editing and will be posting soon. I hope you like this fun little Perfect Shot at home. After this pandemic is over I hope I’ll be able to go back out on another adventure. See you next time.

Author: K. Exum
K. Exum is an up and coming author & poet. He looks to make his longtime childhood dream job his reality. By creating this blog, he seems to show his skills for writing. His hunger for success and dedication to turn his ordinary life into his dreams has brought him to this point. K is currently working on his 5th spoken word project, "Poetic Gift." Reach out by this email to connect! founderofhitm@gmail.com

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