Writing Prompt #70

Writing Prompt #70: Use one, some or all of the following words in a story, scene, or poem:

Coffee, star, pen, match, envy, park, window, Fear, strand, frame

I always start my mornings off with a nice steaming cup of coffee
I use so many packets of sugar that some may even envy
Because after a week I leave the sugar bowl completely empty
From the kitchen to my desk I then take a seat
At my PC

I start writing
But only on keys
I hardly ever use an actual pen
I upload a new blog

Not for today but for next week
Or maybe even next month
I like to plan ahead that’s just the mentality of a star
Or am I really a star?
But a star in a making

I know one day I’ll gain the fame
I can see it coming it’s in my view
But first I must do
What all-stars did
That’s taking on my one true match

That bitch name fear
She’s constantly in my head and ear
Making me fold when I should steer
Steer through fear
Until my road is completely clear

That’s when I’ll stop using abandoned parks and be photographed by actual photographers
I’ll be in magazines
Like a real model, I saw on my Instagram
That’s when I’ll have awards and plaques on my wall inside a frame
That’s when I can truly travel and enjoy every strand of life

All of nature will be in my sights
After fear I know I’ll be able to see this world entirely
And not be stranded in this house seeing the world from my bedroom window

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