Rethinking My Blog

Weekly Thoughts #58: Rethinking My Blog

I’m rethinking my blogging schedule. There’s no real guide to do this. Every blog I read about blogging just say stay consistent or blog at least 3 days a week. Part of me wants to start blogging only 3 days a week because I feel like I don’t let my posts breathe enough. I feel like I’m just flooding my blog without taking a breather. It’s not like posting 7 days a week is hard or anything. It just doesn’t seem right anymore. So I think I want to pull back a bit.

Let’s see how long I last. I said this before and still ended up posting more than 3 days a week. It just became such a routine that I don’t feel right when I don’t post. So, in conclusion, I’m going to try to pull back but probably not.

I have to sell my kids. Kids meaning shoes this time. I have been building my collection for maybe 10 years. I think that’s how long I been wearing a size 15 and 16. They are so beautiful. Since my weight loss, I have realized that we have to now part ways. All my 15’s are too big and a few size 16’s that I have are too big as well. So I’m making a Poshmark. My only worry is I have never shipped anything. But there’s a first for everything and I need some cash to get more kicks. So let’s hope I get some sales. I have some nice shoes that I know another big foot would be glad to have.

This week was pretty good. Blogging wise I had fun creating an ABC poem. I also made a Cinquain, Ekphrastic, and a bio poem. They were all fun to make. I will explain them at a later date. Be on the lookout for those posts. Most likely I’ll post one or all of them this week.

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