August Goals 2020

August Monthly Goals: New Month, New Goals. Time to plan this month out with a little poem & a list.


August I just want to be entangled in some good news

This year has been so bad for the world I just want to see something good

So many people have lost their blood

To COVID, gun violence, racism and can’t forget the pigs

2020 honestly makes me sick


Can’t make good news a goal

But it’s a hope

I have been hanging this story thing by a rope

It’s hanging over my head

It’s not hard I’m just addicted to being lazy


I have ideas but I choose not to

Even approach the desk

But sitting around not creating will just further my stay at this desk

280 I put you on hold long enough

Lost a lot of weight but I still want to be buff


Or somewhat close to that stuff

I want a flat stomach at least

Add some abs and then I’ll be at peace


This month I want to drop another spoken word

Why not, it won’t hurt

So much going on I have to let my feelings burst

Speaking of poetry


I miss creating videos from the poems I memorized

I like seeing the number of comments rise

Under each post


Plus it helps me practice for the stage so I won’t choke

Lastly, I want 2,000 views this month

I can’t front

Like my views hasn’t dropped since April when I had my highest

The list is done now let’s get to it

The List:

  1. Get to 280
  2. Write a Story
  3. Drop another spoken word
  4. Memorize a spoken word and record a video
  5. Get 2,000 views this month

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