Top 10 Most Inspiring Quotes

Good Morning Everyone on this lovely Monday. Today I have a blog full of amazing inspirational quotes that I wrote. Leave comments below of your favorite one.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Quotes


  1. Quote Of The Month May: Stop wishing, hoping, and dreaming that something’s going to magically appear. Cause all that fairytale stuff is for the television. This time you have now is not going to last forever. So just get out here and do what your passion is.
  2. Quote Of The Month August: Don’t try to fit in. Always stand out.
  3. Random Quote February 2020: Trying to use people as our personal build a Bear is never the Answer. I believe there’s someone out there for all of us. The problem is there is no compass to help us find them.
  4. Quote Of The Month October: Don’t always trust your family. Sometimes your own blood is not trustworthy.
  5. Quote Of The Month October: Grab the audience with your stories. Send vibrations through their soul with your poems. Do what your younger self would do, CREATE.
  6. Quote Of The Month February: The past can’t define my future.
  7. Hater quote: For you to cater to your haters is stupid. Your spending hours trying to change them while they don’t bother to invest their time in you. They hate what you do without even investing their time in your craft. They have to change something in themselves to see the greatness in you. Not you. You get they have to change. You don’t stop being yourself because of what they don’t like.
  8. Random quote: Being forced to be something your not makes you forget who you are.
  9. Random quote: Don’t judge me by my outfit but by my character.
  10. Quote of the month September: All advice is not good advice for your situation.

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