Free Verse 2

Free Verse 2

Is it bad that I know pain like the back of my hand?
I know pain better than I know some relatives
I know pain like I know my ABCs
I probably know it better than counting to three
Still, I continue to be me

I don’t hide my pain from the net
Because when you have these thoughts you only speak out cause you don’t want to feel alone
You want to feel like you have some type of love
Because the suicidal thoughts are wearing you like a glove

You start feeling like your about to join your family up above
Is it bad that I still worry about being judged?
When people judge the rich and poor
They judge the injured
They judge the mentally challenged
It’s literally how this world is managed

Everyone has something to say and it’s all just jokes
Until their on the other end of the joke
Then they’re offended
Having peace within myself is the only peace I should be checking for

Free Verse 2

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