Moments Of 2020

Top 5 Favorite Moments Of 2020:

This year by far was one of the most chaotic years. From the passing of legends like Kobe Bryant & Chadwick Boseman. Losing hip hop up-and-coming artists like Pop Smoke, MO3, and King Von. Seeing the world unfold as we lose many lives to a virus that no one can barely figure out. Mask mandates being made but the rise of cases continued. Cops doing what they always do kill and protect their rights to kill more unjustly. The system continued to show they are incapable of giving black people justice for blatantly killing them. Now it’s the last days of the year. So I’m taking this time right now to list my favorite moments from this year in my life. Through all the bad you have to look at the good sometimes to keep you sane.

  • Getting 2,000 views in a month. That was a special time for me. I had never hit that height before. I very much appreciate one view, but to reach two thousand for the month was insane.
  • Seeing a text from my musical uncle that Goodbye Text was good. As a kid, I used to listen to my uncle’s music. He used to rap. Now he’s a dj with an ear for music, obviously. So him saying my song was dope on my birthday was one of the best birthday gifts and best moments of this year. He had said my old stuff was good too, but this was the first time in a long time I heard his approval.
  • Reaching over 15,000 views in a year of blogging. Late 2018, I started this blog with a mixture of ideas for what I wanted posted. Along the way, I learned about niches and struggled for a while trying to figure out mines. I recently just claimed my niche as a personal blogger. Everything created is another piece of me. Off topic but my first year I only had 2,018 views for those 6 months when I started. 2019, I ended strongly with 7,307. That was amazing just going up a whole 5,000 views. But this year I doubled that number and then some. As of December 18th when I’m writing this I’m at 15,124 views. It is incredible and I hope next year we go even higher. I know blogging is a journey you have to stay consistent with, and I’m up for the challenge. 
  • Publishing a story for the first time since 2016. To sum up my publishing experience before was like a comic walking on stage to no crowd. When the comic looks back to see his team there were a couple of interns, there but the genuine support he loved to the core wasn’t there. Simply I published multiple books and had no sales and felt neglected by my support system. But this year I did it. I self-published on amazon and received some sales. Few, but the joy I felt just knowing my story was purchased by one brought a smile to my melanin skin.
  • The Entanglement. That was a good and bad moment all in one. I got out my shell and put my big boy pants on and got entangled for a few months. It was on the low, so little people knew. I learned how to love/lust. I felt heartbreak/ disappointment from a significant other. It was dope. Also, everything that was created from it. Like Her, Pain, Goodbye Text, and Letter to Her. Letter to Her will be posted soon. 

This year personally for me was good. I did lose 2 relatives. 2 uncles at that. But Losing my uncle Steve felt worse to me. We weren’t close, but I still loved and worried about him. We shared brief memories together. The story most of your nieces said. But I wish I knew things like your favorite color. What you were like when you were a kid? What you wished you could be when you got older? What you wish you did differently? Was you happy or sad all the time? Hearing my mom cry over her older brother pierced my heart like no other needle has. I miss the thought of having you alive on this earth. But I know you’re in a better place now. Rest up, Uncle Steve. Watch over us, we love you forever.

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