Today I have a poem for you titled Excuse. I hate excuses. I hate hearing and making them. This type of excuse is the one I hate the most. Enough about it, enjoy it below.


When I was a kid, I used to fight every week
When you grow up in the hood, they think you weak
You got square up and knock out some teeth
To prove a name

But nowadays dudes carry the strap like M.A
Lose a fight then they put bullets in the air
Dudes have no aim, kids mess around and catch a stray

I’m from a land they call the zoo
But I will  not allow myself to become a product too
The hood doesn’t make you
Your actions do 
Saying you from the hood like that’s a good excuse 

Pick another excuse 
The projects didn’t put that gun in your hand, you did
It’s millions of kids who had their head on straight 
While you tried so hard to fit in with the crowd

But saying you from the hood supposed to make up for it all
Yeah right, it’s just another lame excuse 
If I kept on fighting to make a name, I would be just like you

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