Historic Week

Weekly Thoughts #84: Historic Week

Capital building being breached was iconic. It was one for the history books. These thugs broke into the capital and hit cops, and the cops were running. Had me laughing. I never thought I’ll see the day when the twins started fighting each other. It was crazy. They really breached it and they were deep. Like they filled streets with angry people. That would not change a thing. I can’t stop laughing at the thought of someone charging in cause their favorite president lost. The fact that some stations still calls them protestors still is amazing to see. They literally did everything a peaceful protestor doesn’t and still is awarded the title just a protestor. It’s rumored that they brought bombs. They killed a cop with a fire extinguisher.

We all knew they would not touch them like they did BLM. We would have been murdered on the way. We would have been murdered just thinking about it in our heads. This country ain’t shit. I didn’t see people getting shot with rubber bullets. Few were being pushed. They didn’t let off unnecessary shots. The national guard wasn’t deployed for hours. Some even let them walk through the barriers. They killed a cop. Other people there died.  R.I.P to them.

That was wild. I’m at a lost for words. Definitely going into the history books. 2020 was horrible, but 2021 got me laughing so far. Laughing at the reactions like bro we were saying this country isn’t fair since forever. Now your surprised. Okay, Karen. Then the fact that the people being arrested for it is like top officials in their states. Some are cops. But BLM was crazy for thinking it was some hidden agenda with these cops. Ok. Now back to my life. It seems only right I write about that.

The story of Charles Levi anniversary was January 5th. I definitely forgot. That sounds so bad. I didn’t even remember when I self-published a short story on amazon a year ago. It feels like yesterday when it happened. A year later and my sales are my sales. It made little money. I’m not good at marketing. I researched for countless hours, but nothing seemed to work. Just being yourself doesn’t cut it. They say stuff like to be creative and be yourself. Like I’m acting or something. I heard useful things, like speaking out at places with my book on hand. But you were following long enough to know I’m not good at speaking aloud. It’s something I want and need to work on. I don’t regret it, but I do want to improve it. I can’t want to be a self-published author and be scared to market it.

9 Posts away from hitting 1,000 posts. I don’t even think I have written a 1,000 poems or stories. I’ll probably hit this by next week. It’s an honor. I have been capturing personal goals a lot lately. Views have been going up, and I’m grateful for that. I hit 300 followers on WordPress the other day. Been blogging since 2018, and I hope I see many more blessings to come .

This week was normal ish. The breaching was funny to me. I don’t care what no one says. The fact people died behind it is messed up. I’m not laughing at death. But I’m laughing at the reactions. Like this type of 2 different America’s is new to people. My last thought about it is what do you do to solve this issue? Some of the people being arrested are people working for the state. We been asking how do you call the cops when they’re the ones hurting you or killing you? Now what do you do about this? Enough about that this is the end of my weekly thoughts. Next week I hope is better for the country and me. See you all next week and stay safe.

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