Writing Prompt #96

This prompt is from https://www.writerswrite.co.za/daily-writing-prompt-326/

Writing Prompt #96: 5 Reasons To Leave

How can I leave?

No money to do anything

He’s all I ever known 

He brought me this car

When I caught him with Sarah

He brought me this necklace 

When he hit me the other day

But that was my fault supposedly

For yelling at him when I knew he was already upset

It’s always my fault never his actions 

Why don’t I leave?

These gift is just materialistic

It doesn’t make up for the lonely nights

He says he’s at the office but he said that the last time

Now he has a baby before me

Have I been so stupid?

How is this my fault?

It’s his

It’s his

2nd Answer:

Should I leave her?

Always browsing through my phone

Always accusing me when I’m home alone

Asking me about likes and comments

Like I ever shared a moment with these people ,

I tell her she don’t even compete with these joints their not equal

But she just looks through me like I’m glass

Compare me to people from her past

Like I’m them

What your ex did ain’t got nothing to do with me

Then she hit me with the you acting just like him

If I’m acting like him, maybe I should leave just like him

Do I even like her anymore?

Then it’s the constant self doubts

I tell her how beautiful she is before we go out

But she always thinks of herself as less

So how does she expect me to think of her as more?

When she’s not even sure

Should I leave?

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