March Goals 2021

March Goals 2021

 Time for some new goals. A new month needs a new set of goals. Today I have 5 Goals that I will complete by the end of the month. If you would like to stay updated on my goals. Then like and follow this blog to stay updated on my new posts.

  1. Take some photos for Model Dreams: I need pictures. Going on to the 3rd month and I don’t have a single picture done. I need new pictures and want new ones. I want to explore a new park and create another Perfect Shot. My clothes didn’t come in time last month. So let’s hope it comes this month.
  2. Try to get to 265 pounds: 270 pounds was my dream goal, but now that it’s complete. I want to aim for another 5 pounds. I just want to keep decreasing as much as I can. Then come back to 270 with some muscle added. That’s my plan.
  3. Finish 3rd Degree: I’m midway through this book. It’s so great and different from the other 2. I’m going to finish soon.
  4. Record a new spoken word: Been lacking the motivation lately. There’s no better way to get over a creative hump like just creating through it. Create it even when you’re doubting you can. No motivation doesn’t mean you’re not capable. Just need to push harder. Push through it.
  5. Make a YouTube Video: It has always been a goal of mine to become a YouTuber. This is a goal on my 21 goals of 2021, to make more YouTube videos. 

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