New Day

New day, New Victim

Same old chaotic system

Another protest for a cop shooting an unarmed black man

Here comes tear gas and rubber bullets

Remember the capital breach

Where was this type of treatment?

Oh, those officers were off duty taking part in the breaching 

Same old America


I know this case is freshly new and they haven’t spun the story in their favor yet. But I’m already over it. Same old America. We’re currently holding a trial for a murder that we all saw. Watched it, reposted it and protested for it. Being Black in America. I wrote the first statement before finding out that they mistakenly pulled a gun instead of a stun gun. Here comes the same old excuse of I was so afraid that I grabbed the wrong weapon. Then the hidden racist will say he had a warrant, and he went back in his car. Maybe it was right? But the 17-year-old shot multiple people with a rifle and they let him go home. They arrested many mass shooters without even grabbing a weapon. They even let thousands walk into a capital building. So any excuses is not good enough. It’s nothing new. Leave a like, if you like my short poem above. Have a nice day. Something Daunte Wright can’t have.

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