How do I feel about Gun Control?

How do I feel about Gun Control?

My thing is you have to stop putting the blame on objects and put them on people. Stop giving them a mental illness pass. Make them scared of their actions. Why ban an object that can sit in place for decades harming no one? People need to learn to control themselves. Stop creating a safe space for these terrorist and punish them for their actions. No bad day bull crap either. They acted out of hate and killed a bunch of prominent people. What other word for that is there? A saint? Please. Lock them up for life. Make an example and keep doing it. If you believe mental illness is the actual issue, then enforce it more. Stop just giving them a pat on the back and saying it’s okay you are just sick. No, make them an example and enforce mental health more if that’s your excuse for someone murdering multiple people in a day because they didn’t like their race or their sexual orientation.

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