Hey Depression 8

Hey Depression 8:

Hey Depression 8

Hey Depression, it’s just one of them days

Where I feel empty physically and mentally, 

Looking to the sky like I’m into religions 

Used to want to fly high like pigeons

Now I want to live but my passion seems tired 

Cause I have no energy for anything 

Don’t want to complete these blog ideas I have lying around

Don’t want to record these records that god blessed me with

When I try to force it,

I just go stiff

My voice sounds like squidward just uninterested 

When will my mood be lifted? 

Want to write this book but no energy 

How do I be great when depression’s grip keeps tightening? 

I just want to keep fighting 

But my hands are too tired

I want to write

The dying child inside keeps screaming 

As I keep dreaming 

Hey Depression when do I get to be let go of

Cause someone seems to be deaf, talking about the man up above

Cause there’s no way he doesn’t hear my shouts

I just want to make it out

Hey Depression 8

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