Today I have a new poem titled Remember. I know you remember that feeling when someone crossed you for the last time. When they did things that they can’t come back from. Well I seen that day recently. This is my thoughts on it.


I remember when you lost all my respect

To me I was used to your neglect 

But when you neglected my heart,

That’s when I knew you only cared about your self

Wrote this verse just for you to know how I felt

You probably won’t listen to my cry’s 

Just continue to smoke tree and let your brain fry

Crazy to think I used to look up to you

Maybe that was because I was just shorter

Now I’m older and can’t believe I idolized that

I remember when times were hard

And no one was there for me

All I used to think about was my pain

Now I just want to relive the pain from my hearts, heart

I just want to lift her up

Place her on a pedestal 

Because no matter what challenge she faced, her foot was always on the pedal 

Trying to elevate us to another level

I remember when times were hard

And no one was there for us

Now I got us

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