Maybe This Was Supposed To Happen By Ollie

Music Highlight Of The Week: Maybe this was supposed to happen

Canadian rapper Ollie is writing his own reality through lyrical rhymes

I have been listening to Ollie for about a month or 2. I stumbled upon him when he came up on my YouTube feed. I believe it was the song with the video in a bedroom. Can’t remember which one. Maybe it was Leave Me Alone. But from this song I end up binge listening to all of his songs on YouTube. Emotions is the song I have been having on repeat lately. His second album, Maybe this was supposed to happen, is my music highlight of this week.

Ollie has about 2 albums out now. Along with a few singles and a couple of Eps. I always like to research new artist or listen to an interview. So a quick rundown of him is he’s Canadian. He started making music for fun but turned it into a career after a really terrible car accident he had with his brother that they both lived from. You can hear the 911 call in his first song on his last project Maybe this was supposed to happen. Song was called 5th Line, by the way. Thank god he made it out because his music is fantastic with its cool chill type vibe. Kind of remind me of Russ but more emotion to it. It’s kind of unique. Here is one of my favorites. Emotions. It does not include this on the album at hand but I really like it and it’s one of his recent singles.

One of his songs from his previous project that I love is Change ft Chris Yonge. The lyrics just speak to me. I too am afraid of going through change but it must happen. I would recommend this project to anyone who is finding themselves or someone who just wants to feel motivated. Artist wise I love how he is low key making his music and being his genuine self. Has a fan base and is rising but he looks like it doesn’t faze him.

The emotions and pain in Broken Down were impeccable. Reminds me of a time when I felt that way. You can almost hear the tears falling from his eyes. It’s so musically perfect. Also, the message in More than music III is so great. The anthem for upcoming artist. The biggest take away from this album and his latest singles are that he is so relatable. 

 This was the first music highlight of the week post. Tell me how you think I did in the comments and be sure to check out Ollie’s music. On all streaming platforms. He has a couple of music videos on his YouTube channel. So check those out as well. Follow him on Instagram as well. See you next week for another Music Highlight of the week.


Instagram: @Ollie_raps

2020 Album: Maybe this was supposed to happen

Latest Single: Attached

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